The best is by your side

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 After three years of hard work in high school, I finally got into college. Thinking about those gloomy days before, I feel relieved and finally freed to live the life I want. Before leaving, my mother told me to study hard, protect myself, and stay away from bad people. I thought that I was an adult and should be able to take care of myself, so I ignored my mother’s words and took care of myself.

  The university campus is really big, ten times that of my high school. It takes an hour or two to walk through the campus. The flowers and plants in the school are simply not too charming. I was immersed in the beauty of the campus, and suddenly I saw a man who was more beautiful than the scenery. He is simply the most handsome man in the world. The high school boys I’ve seen are all fat, dumb, and full of the breath of science students. However, this man is different. His face is delicate and well-defined, with clear outlines and a pair of big watery eyes. This is the beginning of my heart.

  I told my childhood sweetheart that I had an exciting male guest. He was actually angry, I was at a loss, and I thought to myself that I would not tell him anything in the future. Later I was with him; I chased him for military training, and he said he couldn’t give me the life I wanted; I said I would give it to him. Since then, during the four years of college, I have taken part-time jobs whenever I had time and spent all the money I earned. As a result, I was dumped on graduation day, and he said he had no feelings for me.

  My childhood sweetheart knew all at once. He came to me and said that he had found a job in the Philippines and wanted to take me with him. He posted a few photos of the CG company group, and I was envious when I saw the photos,

The lobby of this company is European and American style, the office is a simple style, and each desk has comfortable seats and computers. In the corridor of the company, there is also a coffee machine, so you don’t have to spend money to buy coffee for work every day.

I heard that there are coconut grove beaches and volcanic waterfalls in the Philippines. The sea is cloudy, the lakes and mountains are beautiful, and the scenery is very beautiful. Because it is located in the subtropical zone, it is rich in products, fruits and seafood are available all year round, and many delicious foods can be eaten. It happened that I was thinking of changing my life and forgetting the pain my ex-boyfriend caused me.

  On the first day, I came to the company with my childhood sweetheart; I was surrounded by the enthusiasm of my colleagues. They enthusiastically showed us to visit the company. To be honest, it was exactly the same as what we saw in the picture, and then we came to the canteen of the company.

The food in the cafeteria is really comprehensive, everything, and my favorite vegetable salad. Looking at the dazzling array of meals, maybe I can grow 20 pounds of meat in the future. I heard from my colleagues that walking straight 500 meters from the cafeteria and turning right is the most prosperous area in the city. You can find everything you want in the nightlife, such as snack streets, KTV, and shopping malls. It will never be bored on weekends. Afterward, we went to the dormitory together. The dormitory is very clean, with a water heater and a separate bathroom, so I will never worry about hot water in the future, which is much better than my university dormitory! Oh yes, there is also air conditioning; nothing can be without air conditioning! It is very happy to have air conditioning in the scorching sun. The little sister who lives with me said that it is absolutely not a loss here. She can earn 70,000 yuan a month, and she will continue to increase her salary if she does a good job.

  With such good company, I will definitely work hard to make money so that I can be worthy of my childhood friend. Oh no, he’s my boyfriend now.

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