818 My Weird Girlfriend and My Best Brother

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  This is the best hotel in Wuhan. I, my ex-girlfriend, and my best brother booked a table here. Looking at the dishes on the table made me lose any spirit; after all, in the Philippines CG ( Colorful Group), the daily dishes in our cafeteria are much better than this. The three lobsters on the table are only one tang long, and in our company, they are all thrown into the trash. My best brother just opened his mouth and asked, how is it? Haven’t eaten it, it’s a good thing, and you may have never seen it with your little income. I just nodded slightly and said nothing.

 My ex-girlfriend held my brother’s arm affectionately and spoke tenderly.

  Someone told me, what are you doing now?

  I said no work.

  The former girlfriend rolled her eyes and exaggeratedly said, “Oh my God, I can’t find a place to work.”

  I said there was no need to work, so I retired.

  She rolled her eyes; the green tea bitch said, I’ve been away from you for so many years, you can’t be depressed.

  I didn’t lie to her; I really don’t need to work anymore; the money I make is in the bank, and even the interest is enough for me to finish my life, and it’s still delicious. But I didn’t say anything and watched them perform quietly.

  My good brother bought an 80-square-meter house in a high-end neighborhood in Wuhan, showing off his Buick, and showing that he could earn more than 12,000 yuan a month.

  Just three years ago, my girlfriend got involved with my best brother for no other reason than because he has an iron job. And I’m just an ordinary worker.

  In a fit of rage, I went to the CG (Colorful Group) company in the Philippines.

  There I realized what a big company is. The accommodation conditions in this company are comparable to domestic hotels, with a large bedroom for two people and complete facilities.

  The company’s restaurant is absolutely top standard, with all kinds of seafood, all kinds of meat, you can take as much as you want. Bread and egg tarts, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dayao, Yuanqi Forest, whether it is foreign or domestic beverages.

  The company often engages in team-building activities. During such team-building activities, my friendship with many colleagues has been strengthened, and I have received their careful guidance at work. In this way, from the first time I joined the company, I earned more than 10,000 yuan per month. Gradually rising, reaching a monthly income of hundreds of thousands, or even more.

  In the past three years, I have earned 8 figures here through my hard work. In addition to my daily work, I am happy at various nightclubs and relax. When I have time, I go to the beach to sunbathe, feel the sea and blue sky, and feel the joy of life.

  Looking at the former good brother, he kept bragging about what kind of achievements he had achieved in the past three years and complained falsely.

  After eating this meal without embarrassment, I went directly to the front desk to settle the bill. I didn’t drink alcohol, but my brother drank a lot of alcohol. I said that I would drive them home.

  The former girlfriend said in a soft voice, don’t drive cars like the Mini Hongguang; it feels too awkward to sit; just take a taxi and go home. And when she watched me come in a Maserati, the expression on her face was so wonderful, I couldn’t believe 4 big characters were engraved on her face. Being betrayed is not scary; what is scary is depression; as long as you work hard, you will be able to live a wonderful life.

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