NBC, how do you live

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  It was not until after working for a long time that I realized that no one cares about how you live. The reason is very simple. Everyone lives their own lives, but the quality of life is different. Some people live in high-rise buildings, and some people live in low-end buildings. In a low shack, some people eat chicken, duck, and fish, and some people eat pickles. Your hard work today is destined to be your enjoyment tomorrow, and your depression today is also destined to enjoy the devastation of life tomorrow.

  It is precise because of this that I chose to go abroad to work in order to increase the income of my work. My parents are already old. In the future, I want to get married and have children, buy a house, and hold a wedding. These are all money, so what? I have the heart to let my parents take out of their coffins to marry me and go out for a while while I’m young.

  First, I read various types of job postings in China and finally saw a job advertisement for CG (Colorful Group), so I called the other party according to the contact information in the advertisement and learned that I needed to work abroad, but I didn’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to buy a flight ticket when I apply for a passport to go abroad. After all, I have never experienced this before. With the help of the relevant staff of the company, I successfully applied for a passport and bought a flight ticket to the Philippines.

  After arriving in the Philippines, this company first went through the onboarding procedures for me and told me that I could eat and live in the company, play for a few days, relax, and then start working after getting used to the environment. The accommodation here is really very good. I live in a triple room, three people have their own small space, and there is an independent bathroom system, which is very convenient.

  I can’t say how good the food is, but it can definitely meet the hotel standards. All kinds of chicken, duck, fish, and seafood are available for every meal, and they are cooked in different ways every week. The happiest thing in the first few days is to eat; every meal is eaten until it lasts, and the taste is not pricked by needles.

  In the next few days, I started to work. Although I was a newcomer, I had the leadership to help me, so I started to work very quickly. Our company is very concerned about team building activities. Colleagues have a deeper understanding of what everyone is good at, so once there is a problem at work that cannot be solved by themselves, they will ask professionals in this field, which not only effectively improves work performance but also makes the working atmosphere better. When you have time, you go to nightclubs to be happy and play at the beach. You are tired of yachts and planes at sea.

I haven’t thought about quitting my job in this company until now. I want to make more money while I’m young. I want to go back to China after saving five or six million. This money is enough for me to buy a house and a car in a big city. and is required for marriage.

  The reason why we can make so much money in CG (Colorful Group) is based on two reasons. The first is that we don’t cut leeks. The amount of income we get is very high. In fact, it is the same in China. The other point is that the working environment is very fair. As long as you work hard, you will definitely gain something. However, various types of enterprises in China may deal with various types of problems such as intrigue, although they are not used in work. Anyone with any degree but those with education can always get a higher salary in the company, and there will be more room for improvement, but here there is no such problem. If you want to beat the world with your bare hands, it is still very ideal for changing the environment. Of.

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