I used to be in debt, but now I am light

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  My daily life is to go to the park to watch the old man play chess, go to a square dance or something, what hard work, get angry, start a business, etc.; it has nothing to do with me; I am not a very ambitious person People, have these seven or eight million in the bank, enough for me to earn interest for the rest of my life, and now I see it very openly, life is just like that, you can spend enough money, there is no need to earn too much, The cloud is light, and the wind is light to live comfortably.

  Seeing me go out and drive a BMW every day as if I didn’t have a serious job, the old ladies in the community were very surprised and asked me what I was doing countless times, but I just laughed and had nothing to say.

  I used to be different. At that time, I always wanted to succeed and start a business. I once opened a hotel, opened a small workshop, and acted as an agent for health products, but none of them were successful. The debts kept getting higher and higher. I am not a rich second-generation, so I can only start a business by borrowing money, bank loans, and credit cards to cash out. At that time, there were dozens of credit cards. The west wall was demolished to make up the east wall. I went to the Philippines to avoid debts, but I never thought that this trip would change my life.

  At that time, I owed more than 800,000 yuan, and the phone had been blasted. In desperation, I decided to go abroad to hide. At that time, there were not many countries to choose from, so the Philippines became my best choice. I don’t have much money; I want to find a job as soon as possible; I don’t want to earn much, just eat and live.

  It was also at this stage that I saw the recruitment information of CG (Colorful Group), so I went here to apply. The environment here was beyond my imagination. As luxurious as a hotel.

 Not to mention the food, the company canteen provides all kinds of food, seafood, beef and mutton, all kinds of fruits, all kinds of drinks for free, and even here you can drink the domestic big kiln drinks, which is very rare in the Philippines.

  Originally, I was a person with an active mind. I like to innovate and integrate into the team. During such team-building activities, I have met many new colleagues and have a good relationships. They also gave me a lot of help in my daily work. Make my work better.

  At first, I thought about saving enough money to go back to China to start a business, but later I found that it was not necessary at all. The salary I received here was enough for me to live a good life, so I relaxed my tense mind and went to various places after work. There are really too many ways of daily entertainment, such as nightclubs, surfing at the beach, riding a glider, etc.

  In this way, I have saved enough for the first 8 figures in my life. When people really don’t have anything, they think about what they want most. Once they have money, they realize that money is just a number. There is no need for it. With this mentality, I quit my job and returned to China. I bought a house and a car in a high-end community. In the days to come, I will meet another beloved her and give birth to a child or two, and my life will be perfect.

  It takes courage to deal with poverty, courage to endure ridicule, courage to face up to the enemy in your own camp, and of course, luck, or it will come.

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