Life in the Philippines is neither as good nor as bad as you think

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  Whether it’s a lion or an antelope, you have to run; whether you’re poor or rich, you have to fight. That’s why I went to the Philippines in the first place.

  There is not much to tell about the rest. I have good academic performance and a poor family. Although I was admitted to a university, I didn’t study it. If I quit my career, I would be so mediocre all my life, so I chose to go to the Philippines.

  Before I went abroad, many people told me that the days of going abroad were very difficult. It was very difficult to live alone. I was so big that I couldn’t carry a basket on my shoulders, and I would face great difficulties when I went abroad. It can be said that there were very few people who supported me in going out at that time.

  When I went abroad, I didn’t know what I was going to do, and I didn’t have a fixed goal. At that time, it could be said that everything was clueless. Got the visa with the help of a friend. It has only been half a month since I decided to go abroad and arrive at the Manila airport in the Philippines.

 I didn’t want to accept my fate like this, so I had to work hard.

  Isn’t that how life is?

  After several detours, I found the CG (Colorful Group) company.

  During the application process, I was asked about my academic qualifications, mastery ability, etc., mainly based on my personal ability. I was easily admitted to this company.

  Entering this company, I finally let go of my dangling heart, I have settled down on meals, and I have settled on accommodation.

  When I entered this company, I was always worried that the food would not be very good. After all, as a company canteen, how good could it be? As for the place to stay, I think it must be a big shop with all kinds of smelly smells. Smoky.

 The results surprised me; the reality here is very different from what I imagined.

  First of all, let me tell you about the company’s canteen. The company’s canteen is really a first-class standard. Various types of catering desserts and even bread, rice, and steamed buns, whether it is Chinese-style meals or Western-style meals, are readily available. This is the first time I have seen it here. When it comes to lobsters that are bigger than a fist and crabs that are bigger than a plate, these are things I couldn’t imagine before.

  The accommodation environment is also very good. There are different arrangements according to different performance standards. There is one room for one person, one for two people, and most are for three people. There are independent toilets and bathrooms.

  The team-building activities here are very rich. I have no work experience in China. After graduating from high school, I went to deliver food. This is the only industry with low barriers to entry for me, so I have a good understanding of how to work in the company. I was very worried that I could not complete my work in CG, but fortunately, the work arranged for me here, although I could not grasp the clue for a while, was led, and I quickly grasped the main points of the work.

  The familiar workers also relaxed. The daily work is about seven or eight hours. After finishing work, I go to the nightclub to relax and go to the beach to see the blue sky and blue sea. Here, my once failed heart becomes full of vitality again.

  There are many team-building activities. There are incentive activities related to the company’s work performance, pure entertainment construction, and activities to promote friendship between colleagues. During such activities, I get along very well with many colleagues. I have encountered difficulties in my work, but with the help of my colleagues, I got through the difficulties.

  Now I have become one of the directors of our department. The monthly salary can reach at least 130,000 yuan, which is good in the Philippines. I have achieved my dream here, and the shortcoming here is that I have to work with my family in China. It’s too far away, I really miss them, and I can’t spend the Spring Festival with my family for three years. This is my only regret in the Philippines.

  Whether we are successful or not is like looking at things with glasses. As long as we are willing to work hard to see brass as gold, poverty as wealth, and speckles in our eyes as pearls, we will be successful tomorrow.

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