If you’re divorced, don’t come back and find me again

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  Looking at my ex-husband kneeling in front of me, he said with snot and tears, “I love me very much, but now my heart is like ashes. He just said that because he wanted bigamy, because he was interested in my more than 2 million yuan.” In my house, I took a fancy to my 900,000 car and even saw the eight-digit deposit on my bank card.

  Back then, for a little girl, he didn’t care about our 5-year-old friendship; he left my child and me and left without looking back. He even took all the savings from the family and contacted the moving company when I returned to my parents’ house. Sell ​​out the furniture in your home.

  I hate him, but I hate myself even more for being incapable. After I got married, I didn’t go to work. All the expenses in the family belonged to him. Even knowing that he had found a mistress, I still groveled and lived with him, just because I was worried that my children and I would not be able to live.

  But everything that should come will always come. He is gone, and I have nothing. How to raise my children has become my biggest concern. I don’t have any career experience, and I can hardly find a decent job in China. He gritted his teeth and finally chose to go abroad.

  My target is the Philippines because there is no other reason to go abroad. The passport is easy to handle, and the probability of passing the review process is high.

  In this way, I handed the child over to my mother with only 1,000 yuan in my pocket and resolutely chose to go abroad. Only in this way can my child and I change our destiny.

  I applied to CG (Colorful Group); I really want to thank this company for recruiting me even though I have no education or experience. Use your abilities to make some contributions to the company. And this kind of thinking has also made me, and I have made enough 8 figures in this company.

  The accommodation environment of this company is really very good. There is a separate dormitory building right by the sea. You can see the rising sun every morning. The other two girls I live with are very young, in their 20s. It is from Shenyang.

  The company has its own cafeteria. I saw various high-end companies have a variety of diets on TV dramas. I always thought it was unrealistic to film. When I got here, I realized that these were not fake. There are all kinds of food, and of course, there is my favorite drink, Coca-Cola.

  After joining the company, I felt that everything was very strange at first, but with the gradual launch of various team-building activities, I have a deeper understanding of the company’s culture. In this kind of work, my colleagues help each other. The spirit of mutual assistance, solidarity, and cooperation has brought us closer to each other.

  In the end, I chose to return to China, and I felt a lot of helplessness and unwillingness to let go. After all, I have achieved myself in this company, and it has also given me a new starting point in my life. Marriage is like hell; chickens and geese fight for a lifetime, and there is no safe life. Women must have their own careers, and only in this way can they have the right to speak.

  There is also a child; he is the favorite of my life that I can’t give up. I want to give him the best school environment and the best life. Now he is studying in the only international bilingual school in our city, and I am also going to start a small company. The money in my hand is enough to open a chain of flower shops. This used to be my childhood dream. Now This dream has finally come true.

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