The road is under your feet; you must bravely move forward

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  As an unemployed young man, the jobs I look for in society are all tiring and hard work. The salary I can get is very small. I get happiness from chatting online, and I also make many good friends during the chat. One of my friends works in the Philippines, and that life is really yyDS, absolutely!

  In the end, with the help of this friend, I also chose to go abroad to the Philippines. Although I didn’t know the place, this friend told me that he could help me find the same job as him in the same company. Since I have no worries, I will go out. Going for a break, even if you lie flat at home, you will face the threat of involution. Instead, it is better to go abroad and go for a break. At that moment, my heart was completely broken.

  After arriving in the Philippines, this friend did not rush me to the company but took me around. The environment in the Philippines is really good, the beach is very clean, and the number of beautiful women is very large, especially at night. It is even more lively. Although there are not so many high-rise buildings here, there are many shops, various nightclubs and bars. It is really very happy here.

  After playing for a few days, this friend took me to join the CG (Colorful Group) company. The onboarding process was very simple. After joining the company, this friend took me around. The company’s accommodation environment was better than I expected. A warm accommodation environment and one room for two or three people is very spacious and has complete bathroom facilities.

  The canteen is free to manage breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is very good. All kinds of seafood drinks and all kinds of pasta are available here. If you like, you can cook the rice yourself. The stir-fry dishes are few, but the quantity of various dishes is very large and very fresh.

  When I first joined the company, I couldn’t do my job well, but the leaders taught me personally, which made me understand the content of the work more deeply. After that, the company organized a large number of team-building activities. In such activities, I could not only get to know my colleagues. It is very helpful to me, and it is precisely because of such team-building activities that my work ability at work has been continuously improved. Now my salary has reached the monthly salary. 130,000 yuan.

  The dry cook only pays attention to one point, and that is how to get more income. The salary I get here is high enough, I can save a lot of money every month, and I also have enough money to spend, whether it is in Nightclubs or discos am very happy. Such wild consumption has also brought me unprecedented happiness. The days without money are not very lethal, but they are extremely insulting, no matter where I go. It’s hard to be respected by others, and during this period of working abroad, my salary has been higher. No matter where I go, people will look at me, and I will feel unprecedented happiness. I will work harder in the company in the future. Work, earn more money, after returning to China, buy a small villa in a first-tier city, buy a brand car, this kind of life is perfect, no matter how much work you work in China if you want to achieve this. My standard of living is undoubtedly extremely difficult, and I am very content to be able to obtain the current quality of life.

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