A man moves a living tree, and a tree moves to death, and he has to walk his own way

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  There is a saying in China that people move the living tree to move tree to death. This saying is very reasonable. I worked in a garment factory for 4 years and worked hard without complaining, but the money I made was not enough to spend, let alone in a garment factory. When I bought a house in the city of Shenzhen, I never thought about going abroad, but now I am in my dormitory in the Philippines, looking at the blue sea and blue sky outside the window and the sea breeze blowing; everything feels like a dream.

  I remember that it was a morning four years ago. I had been working overtime for more than half a month. I slept less than two or three hours a day. I was busy on the machine, and I was so sleepy that I closed my eyes and fell asleep. . At this moment, Zhang Zhang from the workshop walked up to me, slapped the table fiercely, and called me a useless waste. At that time, I was really sleepy and anxious, and my mood was very irritable. The long is a king and eight punches, and the result can be imagined, I was expelled.

  At that time, it was completely possible to go to other garment factories, but if I wanted to come to such a life, it would repeat itself again and again. What is the meaning of my life? Rich people are enjoying life, and I am enjoying life.

  By chance, I saw the recruitment information of CG (Colorful Group) and learned that this company is in the Philippines and decided to go abroad. I got help from the company in passport processing and the air ticket purchase. At that time, I had no savings in my pocket except to buy one. Apart from the plane ticket, there is not much left.

  It was the first time I saw the luxury of the rich at the Philippine airport. Here, I feel more.

  The person who picked me up went back to the company and went through the onboarding procedure. It was only here that I realized that life is like this, and work can also be carried out in this way.

  Every day’s work is done in the office; with the air conditioner blowing, there is no more suffocating heat, no more annoying roars from the elongated supervisor and workshop director.

 Once in the workshop, there were eight of us in a dormitory, and the whole room was filled with the smell of stinky feet. Now we have a dormitory for the two of us, and there are separate toilets and showers. If you want to relax and have money in your pocket, you can go to the night market at will or go to the bath centre to take a sauna. Compared with the original life, the current life is like Heavenly.

  I also ate very well. I was working in the workshop at the time, and I hurried to stock up on two buns at mealtimes. I didn’t dare to eat them in the cafeteria because I couldn’t finish the work at hand, so I could only eat while walking after picking up the buns. Here we have lunch for two hours, and we can enjoy all kinds of seafood, lobster, and hamburger steak. Even the manager of our workshop at the time couldn’t eat so well.

 In the past, the money I earned by working hard was not enough to gain a foothold in the city, but now I can easily earn enough money from work every day to buy a decent small villa after returning to China.

  Such nonsense that hard work will inevitably change fate is just to give people blood; hard work is important, but choosing the right direction is more critical; working in a garment factory, even if I work for a lifetime, I can’t afford two yuan in Shenzhen. Bricks, and after going abroad, not only the working environment has changed dramatically, one day I don’t want to do it, and after returning to China, I have both a house and a car, a proper winner in life. Be sure to choose the right direction of effort; only in this way the hard work will not be in vain.

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