To be successful, be tough on yourself

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  If you want to be successful, you have to be tough on yourself. Before going abroad to the Philippines, I was very clear about this issue. How can you be successful if you have no savings and no channels? The prerequisite for everyone to be successful. It was to find the right direction. After working in the parts factory for three years, I finally decided to go abroad to work. My destination was the Philippines.

  Why go to the Philippines? Very simple, a werewolf I know works in the Philippines. He once said that he would help me. Although there are many keyboard warriors on the Internet, in the process of communicating with this person, I found that he is very real. Since this is already the case in China Now, it’s better to go abroad to make a fortune.

  The airports in the Philippines are not as luxurious as those in my country, but the people here are very relaxed. The reason why many people come to the Philippines is to relax their minds. The work here is also very easy. There is no overtime system that is common in my country. I am here too. The werewolf friend’s company went to work at CG (Colorful Group).

  The company’s building is magnificent and can be ranked in the Philippines, and the decoration here is also very high-end. It looks like a big company. Can I work here? At that time, my heart was still very uneasy, but this friend gave me reassurance,

  I feel like I am really a koi. Some netizens are lemon essences and always say that foreign countries are not good or bad, but you can see that a few people who go abroad will come back willingly, as we cook, the main job is to work hard to make money, so as to be able to change lives.

  My friend took me around this company. The living environment is very good. There is one bedroom for two people, and all kinds of electrical facilities are complete. There are independent toilets and bathrooms, etc. You can see the sea when you open the window. The environment is excellent.

  The company’s canteen serves all kinds of food, pastries, meat and seafood, etc. The drinks are also casual, and there are many kinds. Working here, the environment is better than I imagined. Yes, how lucky I am to work in this company; if I still stay in the country, it is obviously Barbie Q.

  There are many people in China who say that it is okay to lie flat. It seems that this is also the way of life in the Buddhist system, but be careful; if you lie flat, no one can exploit you, but you also have no money in this society. To survive, after all, our every move costs money, so we can’t lie flat, but try not to make leeks. Going abroad is undoubtedly an ideal way out. The team atmosphere in the company CG (Colorful Group) is very strong; there are many team-building activities. After I joined the company, I participated in many team-building activities. In such activities, I travelled together in the mountains and rivers and promoted feelings together. During the activities, I also put some of my work in the I asked some other colleagues about the problem and got great help.

It is precisely for this reason that my salary is also constantly rising. From the salary of 8,000 yuan in the early days, I now have an income of 80,000 to 90,000 yuan per month, which makes me very satisfied.

Can you get 80,000 to 90,000 yuan even if you work hard for a month in China? Obviously, someone can get it, but it’s definitely at the top of the pyramid, and only a few people can get that kind of salary. For me, who has no qualifications and no qualifications, it is enough to get such a salary in the Philippines.

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