It’s not that complicated to change your destiny

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  If I said that I wanted to change my destiny 5 years ago, I would have said it was very complicated. In fact, only after my personal experience did I realize that changing my destiny is not that complicated. Just choose the right direction. I used to be a licking dog. She couldn’t lick her anymore; she was ashamed, she had no bottom line to please her girlfriend at that time, but she was still ruthlessly abandoned by him.

  It was a painful experience that I couldn’t do without money. At this moment, I had an epiphany in the toilet. Although I never thought about Versailles, it felt really bad to be looked down upon by others, so I decided to go to the Philippines.

 The reason I made this decision was that a netizen of mine worked in a company in the Philippines. He told me that he could help me with all the formalities, including visas and air tickets. He resolutely left the country.

  The airport is bustling with people coming and going, but in such a lively environment, I feel like a sand sculpture; I feel that my future is uncertain, and I don’t know what kind of company I can work for.

  When I arrived in the Philippines, I knew that I wanted to work in a CG (Colorful Group) company. Overall, the working environment here is very good. My friends took me to various places in the company. The living environment here is very good. There is a personal room, the bathroom facilities are complete, and there is a separate toilet.

  The diet is also very good, much better than domestic corporate diets. From Monday to Friday, the patterns are constantly being renovated, various meats, pastries and bread, etc. If you feel that you are not used to these things, you can also use electricity. The rice cooker cooks the rice by itself.

  When I first joined the company, I felt that my work performance was not good, but I couldn’t grasp the clue. At this time, I was very anxious, and I was not familiar with the people in the company. Fortunately, the company often organized team-building activities. Such team-building activities have enhanced our friendship, and the relationship between colleagues has become more and more familiar. In the end, if there are things that I don’t understand at work, I will ask them. These colleagues help me solve the problem. It is precisely because, For this reason, I got to work quickly.

  It was working in CG (Colorful Group) that changed my destiny. My salary is still very high; I can earn more than 100,000 a month. It is precise because of this high salary that I am more motivated to work. I go to play in my spare time at work. In the Philippines, the seaside is very clean, unlike the domestic seaside, where the sea water is so dirty, and it is very easy to play in nightclubs and bars. As long as you have money, the entertainment environment here is very good.

  Some people say whether they will miss their motherland and their family in the Philippines. In fact, they miss a little bit, but it is impossible to go back ballistically. No technology, no education, no way to get into a good company. The salary I earn here can only be spent every month, even if it is desperately spent. 1/3 of my salary, the money I save is very high. A lot of money, I can’t save money at all in China, so I thought about working here until I retire; where is my life? There will be a success in the opposite direction.

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