Homecoming without being seen is like a night walk in brocade

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  This time, I brought gifts to my family. My parents gave me two Rolex watches, and I gave my sister an Apple family bucket, including an Apple mobile computer and an iPad. Relatives and friends of each family also brought gifts, the value of which was no less than 8,000 yuan.

  The reason why I am so inflated is very simple. Returning home in brocade and not being seen by others is like walking in brocade at night.

  The reason why I slapped my face like this is that at the beginning, neither family members nor relatives and friends were optimistic about me, thinking that I was a muddy man who couldn’t support the wall.

  This is indeed the case. After graduating from college, I never found a job that matched my major. I actually went to the factory to become a small general worker. My relatives taught their children that they must not treat me like me at the dinner table in their 30s. Fingers crossed, but luckily I found an ideal way out, and it was the right one, which was to go to the Philippines.

  Not to mention going abroad when I grow up, I have never even been to the provincial capital. Seeing that the airports in the Philippines are so prosperous and there are so many people, everyone seems to have a smile on their faces, and I felt excited at that time. Panic again; what can I do here

  Fortunately, I finally applied for the CG (Colorful Group); how much salary I could get here or how much I could earn is not what I thought at the time; what I thought was at least being able to eat here because the supervisor at the time of recruitment Said to eat and live here.

  I’m ready to eat buns and pickles.

  At least it won’t starve to death.

  It turned out to be quite different from what I expected; the dining here is top-notch. Burgers, toast, lobster, crab, Japanese wagyu beef, Australian lamb, everything; I’ve never had such a good meal when I grew up, and the food here changed every day, which is dizzying.

  One month after I joined the company, in the cafeteria of this company, I had never eaten the same thing.

  The accommodation conditions are also very good. It was originally a triple room with two young men in the same room, one was from Chongqing, and the other was from Northeast China.

  The two of them are really good. I didn’t know anything when I joined the company. They taught me how to work smoothly.

  In the first month of employment, I participated in two team-building activities. CG (Colorful Group) really pays attention to team spirit and organizes various activities under the corporate culture, including games, going out to the beach together, etc. . The blue sky and white clouds and the clear water made me feel like I was living in a dream.

  The nightclubs here are also very exciting. There are various resident singers and various nightclub activities. These are things that I can’t even think of in China.

  After working for three years, I have saved more than 4 million yuan in my hands. I am so homesick. This is the first time I have returned home after three years in the Philippines. Although I am a person who spends money carefully, no one is always. There are emotions. Now that I have succeeded, I will not let those who once underestimated me see how my strength will be reconciled. So I bought a lot of gifts. The second uncle, who once said on the wine table that I would never be able to make a living in my whole life, took the initiative to toast me with a wine glass, saying that since I was a child, I saw that was a capable person. The older cousin kept calling his younger brother and asked me to take him abroad for a walk. We used to be in the same school, and he didn’t even recognize me as his younger brother in front of people. Although money is not everything, what I want to say is It’s nice to have money.

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