In fact, sometimes, changing the environment, people’s mental state will be much better

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Until today, I have spent 30 years. These years are like driving a canoe in the calm sea, and people can’t feel the flow of the boat. A metropolis like Shanghai is only a few hours’ drive away, but I have never seen its charm. I never thought that I would be defrauded, so stupid that even my parents’ money was defrauded. That feeling is not only despair; it is simply that the Nine Heavens have collapsed.

To be honest, I think I have given up, but when God wants to save you, there will always be a noble person to appear in front of you. On New Year’s Eve last year, my cousin and brother-in-law came back from abroad for the New Year. They haven’t come back for several years. It is rare to come back and visit all the relatives’ homes. They heard what happened to me and immediately lent my parents 20,000 yuan to help us get through this difficult time. They said that there are many opportunities to make money in the Philippines; as long as you work hard, you can make money. I heard before that they made a lot of money working in the Philippines. I didn’t believe it at first. When I saw that they had made such a big mistake, I thought what they said was true. Thinking that I have only been working at home for more than 5,000 months, and I have been deceived when I bought a house and my wife, I might as well go to the Philippines with my sister and brother-in-law to fight.

I was worried at first because I have also learned about the Philippines online, except that the tourism is good, but other things seem to be very poor. But reality slapped me hard, and it was only when I arrived in the Philippines that I realized that I was a frog in the bottom of a well. Manila is also a metropolis, prosperous and beautiful, and the night scene is really charming.

The company is CG Group because my brother-in-law is in charge of the department there. With my brother-in-law’s recommendation, the interview went smoothly. After I went to work, I found out that the benefits are not comparable to the average domestic companies. As far as food is concerned, how many companies in China can make canteens like this? If I don’t tell you, if you look at the pictures alone, you may think this is a five-star hotel?

The company not only eats well but also lives well. Just take a look at my room.

A company that can make money is not bad, and it has done a good job in all aspects. I don’t think that in most domestic companies, the boss makes money and deducts the wages of employees in various ways, and the food and accommodation are pitiful. So I think a boss who is willing to spend money for his employees is a good boss; otherwise, who would be willing to work hard.

Here, as long as you are willing to work hard, put in your sweat, and make money, there is no problem at all. It may be that I worked hard, and I earned back the money I was deceived in a year. It feels really good to make money. The company also often has many informal reward activities. For example, the director casually said last time that whoever is the first in the performance team will drive his Camaro for a month, and the gas fee will also be included. Although I got first place, it’s a pity that I don’t know how to drive. In the end, I’m a good buddy. I must get my driver’s license when I have time in the future.

In fact, sometimes, if you change the environment, your mental state will be much better. Otherwise, if you stay in the same place and work all the time, people will be dumbfounded. If you have friends who want to come to work in the Philippines, you are welcome to come to our CG Group as colleagues with me. When you earn money, remember to invite me to dinner.

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