If you also have a dream, the door of achievement of CG Group is always open to you

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I used to work in a factory for a few years. I worked on an assembly line for a few years. Because life was boring, I gathered with friends to gamble. I lost hundreds of thousands of properties in one night. No one once had suicidal thoughts.

    When the sky is not at the right time, the sun and the moon are dull, the land is not at the right time, the grass and trees are not long, and friends have been unsatisfactory in introducing various jobs for a few years. Decided to give up on life.

When I went abroad for the first time, I was full of fear and nervousness. I applied for a passport by myself and went abroad to register. When I went to the airport, I couldn’t help thinking: “Will it be difficult to do business in foreign countries?” “Will foreigners exclude China?” “My own life safety.” Is there any guarantee?” All kinds of questions swirled in my mind. After getting off the plane, these problems disappeared, and the world is far wider and better than you think.

After arriving in the Philippines, I felt uneasy. Mercedes-Benzes on the streets were wearing jeeps of various colours. The scenery was beautiful, the shipping was developed, and the unique style of the exotic country was full of happiness and happiness. With the heart of the struggle, I desperately wanted to do something. Settle down.

The first time I worked for a small company in the Philippines, with a conscientious attitude and down-to-earth efforts, I successfully accumulated some wealth. The bosses and colleagues are ostracized, and they face the fate of a dilapidated career and repeating the same mistakes.

But Goddess of Destiny finally noticed me. I noticed CG Group by chance. It attracted me with a platform where everyone struggles equally and a harmonious and harmonious working atmosphere. The important thing is that it doesn’t mind my identity as a three-no-member. He accepted me leniently and gave me a chance to regenerate my career.

After several turnarounds, I finally joined the company. When we first met, the company executive drove me to pick me up and took me to understand all aspects of the company. Into the company. The first impression is that everyone in the company is refreshed as if there is boundless enthusiasm. The canteen is clean and tidy.

After entering the company for a period of time, I was deeply impressed by the harmonious environment and harmonious atmosphere. This may be the dream world of all migrant workers. The colleagues are enthusiastic and positive, the leaders are tolerant and generous, and the company canteen is also comprehensive.

In his spare time, he and his colleagues travelled to the island, rested under the sun and the beach, surfed, experienced target shooting repaired his car and so on.

In the annual evaluation, the company is lucky to issue bonuses based on individual performance so that everyone can get the same remuneration as labour.

As a worldwide, diversified group, the company gives every job seeker the right to fair competition, regardless of country, student status, age and education. As long as you have dreams, the strength to fight, and the determination to change your destiny, you can come to the Philippines Come, come to CG Group to grow up, feel the feeling of a successful career, experience foreign customs, scenery and scenery, the button to restart your life is in your hands.

    Some are rich first and then poor, some are poor first and then rich; before a dragon is encountered, they hide among fish and shrimp; when a gentleman loses his time, he surrenders his hands to a villain. CG Group is the turning point of your life, fighting for your dreams. If you also have a dream, the door of achievement of CG Group is always open to you; join us!

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