Grateful for all the pain and joy that life has brought me

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Two years ago, my life took a turning point. I had planned to marry my college girlfriend, who had been in love for four years, but in the end, the two families broke down because of the dowry issue. We were forced to end this futile relationship under the pressure of reality. This is a big blow to me. I wash my face with tears every day in the face of life. I want to escape from that familiar city and go to a place where no one knows me. Start a new life again. Originally, I just wanted to go abroad to play in the Philippines, but who knew that this would make me meet CG Group, a starting point for a new start.

  I remember when I first got off the plane that day, I didn’t like this strange city. After all, I just came out for a walk. But I didn’t expect this casual turn, and it’s been two years. When the Philippines was mentioned in the early years, people would only think that the city was very poor, but every country has room for development and progress. In recent years, the Philippines has developed very fast, and the prosperous areas have caught up with the first-tier cities in China. I want to see the sea first and choose to go to Bali Casa, where I can snorkel and deep dive because I took the diving certificate before, so I tried the depth, soaking myself in the sea and integrating with it as if all troubles Temporarily vanished. It was also there that I met a fellow while diving which is also Chinese but has been working in the Philippines for many years. As the saying goes, “When a fellow sees a fellow, tears well up.” After he learned that I was feeling frustrated and wanted to work in a different environment, he introduced me to his own company, CG Group, and I learned about this company in the conversation with him. The various benefits are good; I want to take a look.

  I was actually hesitant at first, not sure if he was a liar or not, but after he showed me around the company, I was impressed by the positive atmosphere and decided to stay and work here. The company’s environment is large and bright, and it feels like someone has carefully cleaned it every day. There is a lucky cat at the front desk, which gives people a sense of hope. This is different from the companies I have worked for before, which gives me an inexplicable sense of being in a foreign land. I see the employees who come and go in the company talking enthusiastically. The mental state of living hard is very infectious to me, and I want to live like them.

  From here, I also started my new life. The food in the company cafeteria is really delicious. I can eat two bowls of rice every time. It turns out that the food keeps up. It turns out that CG Group has its own chef team and provides various subsidies to employees. Only when living standards keep up with work can they be more proactive. The principle of “more pay for more work” is practised here. As long as you are willing to work hard, the salary will have the opportunity to increase significantly every year, and there are usually many project bonuses. I agree with this salary policy based on strength.

  The staff dormitory is as comfortable as a hotel. I live in a quadruple room with a living room. Every morning, my aunt comes to clean up. This makes me, a person who does not do housework all year round, feel a sense of belonging at home. Back to the happy days of school.

  Two of the toughest tests in life: one is the patience to wait for the moment and the courage to face all odds. I came to the CG Group because of the failure to escape from my relationship, but the colleagues, leaders, and living and working environment I met here slowly healed my wounded heart. The CG Group is like a big family, and we work together for the same goal. Struggling. I’ve learned a lot here and met a lot of great people; maybe it’s a good time for me, at a turning point in my life. I am grateful for all the pain and happiness that life has brought me. The fog will eventually dissipate, and I will continue to pass on the happiness I got here. You are welcome to come to CG Group to play with me!

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