Cowardly people will only stand still; reckless people will only get burned, and only brave people will be invincible

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 I remember that when the Wuhan epidemic broke out, the company was unable to turn around and lay off staff. I, unfortunately, became one of them. After working for so many years, for the first time, I encountered a layoff. I didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen to me one day. During the epidemic, many enterprises in Hubei were facing bankruptcy. The resumes I re-delivered for a few months were all lost. From the beginning, the confidence was full to the later beliefs gradually collapsed, and the savings in my hands were slowly spent. Insomnia only closes eyes in the morning.

The domestic epidemic is also continuing to spread. After struggling for a long time, I decided to go abroad for development. I have an uncle who works in the Philippines and lives well. After inquiring with him, I also want to go to the Philippines for development. It is more convenient to have acquaintances there. He recommended CG Group to me, a well-known small group in the local area. I checked the relevant information on the Internet and submitted my resume. At the same time, I also delivered to several different companies, thinking that I could always receive an offer. A few days later, I did not expect to receive an offline interview notice from CG Group. After much hesitation, I decided to go to the Philippines.

  At that time, I went to the immigration hall to apply for a visa with anxiety and excitement. I didn’t know what would greet me. After I got the visa, I got on the plane to the Philippines, and my uncle picked me up at the airport over there.

  After getting off the plane, I saw the kind of Philippine jeep in the TV series. Many people have the impression that the Philippines is very dirty. It should be that I have never been to the Philippines. The urban environment in the Philippines is still very good.

  After a day of wandering around the Philippines, I went to CG Group for an interview the next day. The interviewer was very kind and asked me about my future development plan like a friend. The overall atmosphere of the company was also very relaxed. Chatting with the interviewer for an afternoon also introduced me to the development history, culture and future direction of many companies. Just in time for the meal, the interviewer invited me to the company’s cafeteria, and the food in the cafeteria was very tempting. Later, I took him to visit the company dormitory. The dormitory is an apartment-style hotel, usually a double or quadruple room. The room has a kitchen and a living room, and it is very comfortable to live in. I felt that this place was very close to me, so I decided to stay here to work and also want to make more money. After the interview, I went to visit the surroundings of the company, including supermarkets, cafes, and beach parks.


  I went back and discussed it with my uncle. He also supported my decision very much. On weekends, he said that he would take me to some scenic spots in the Philippines when he was free. The embarrassment of the epidemic made me want to make money urgently. As soon as I joined the company, I joined a project team and wanted to prove myself through hard work. The team leader of the group also taught me a lot of things, and I got a bonus after the first project was over. This direct cash reward motivates me to work even harder to do my own business here.

  The company has given me an opportunity to learn and make money. I feel very fulfilled every day here, and I am not discriminated against because I am a foreigner. On the contrary, the company’s internal cultural environment is very tolerant, as long as you work hard to make money here. There are various rewards! Difficulties will pass one day; as long as we seize every opportunity, we will have the courage to overcome the unknown!

  Cowardly people will only stand still, reckless people will only get burned, and only brave people will be invincible. If you are also worried about life and can’t find the direction, welcome to chat with me, I am waiting for you at CG Group!

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