Go abroad to work happily and earn big money

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I was working in a company. I found a girlfriend and wanted to marry her. I went to live with the mentality of living, but she didn’t look down on me. Although I spent a lot of money on her, I hardly got any money. To any effect, she just left me silently. I like gambling games, and because of this bad hobby, many relatives and friends have borrowed from me, and they have not paid back the money. After that, there is no contact. There are no relatives or friends around, and there is no development. Space, so I chose to go abroad.

In the process of going abroad, I was quite entangled in my heart, and I didn’t know anyone overseas, but since I decided to go abroad, I must make a name for myself. I hope that I can change my life in this way. Who doesn’t want to live a good life? What about some?

The formalities are quite satisfactory. First, I went to the local police station and said that I needed to go abroad to work, so I went through the formalities after a few days. The process was also quite tangled in the centre. To be honest, no one wanted to leave their hometown, but this was not for nothing. Is there any way out?

After arriving in the Philippines, I found that there are still many differences between the environment here and the domestic one. Whether it is buildings or various types of plants, there are quite a lot of differences between the domestic and domestic ones. The urban construction here is quite ordinary, but the ho There are a lot of cars, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini and any type of sports car.

I have nothing to do here. I saw that there was a CG group recruiting workers, so I thought of my own experience and felt that I had played some games like this before. Only later did the group realize that the way of life here is different from what I thought. I thought that the work here must be very stressful, but it is not. The working atmosphere here is still very good. We work in the mobile building. There are many people who don’t want to make progress. They are just messing around here, eating and drinking every day. When I first came here, I also thought that this kind of relaxed life was good, but I thought that I didn’t have much success in my domestic career. Then what face is there to go back, so I started to work hard here.

The working atmosphere of the CG group company is still very good, and under the leadership of the leaders, they help us to complete various tasks. With the leaders leading the way, it is very smooth to get started. There is almost no difficulty in the work, as long as you are down-to-earth and conscientious. It’s enough to do it, really. The company’s corporate culture is also very good. Colleagues help each other. Anyone who has any questions can ask their colleagues or bosses. Generally speaking, there are clear rewards and punishments here. My colleague is one. I only earn more than 8,000 a month, and my monthly salary is more than 50,000.

With so much salary, I feel that I have no regrets. I go to bubble bars or nightclubs with my colleagues every day, and it doesn’t cost much. The prices here are not very high. For two years, I have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think I can return to China after earning 1 million yuan. This money will be enough for the rest of my life. If I feel that there is no way out of China, it is better to go abroad and change it. Environment, change your mind.

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