Only when I went abroad did I realize that the outside world is so big and there are opportunities to make big money

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  It was not until I went abroad that I found out that there are opportunities to make big money abroad. The opportunities are for those who are prepared; without any preparation, they can only eat soil at home. Another point is that if you want to make money, you must have such an environment. What kind of environment shapes what kind of people? Farming can only be a lifetime of farming, a worker can only deal with iron blocks for a lifetime, and you can only make money when you deal with money.

  Now that I think about the days when I was a bull and a horse, I joined society at the age of 20. I worked in a hardware factory and screwed screws every day. I felt that my eyes were full of screws. Three years later, he told me that the wedding would cost 1 million yuan, but how could I have 1 million yuan, so he broke up with me mercilessly.

  In the past two years, I played various types of gambling games, and I almost went crazy. The wages I earned were also thrown into these games, and my relatives and friends borrowed them. Going abroad to work.

  Can you go abroad if you have no money, no power and no friends? Obviously, I couldn’t do this at all. At that time, I just wanted to go abroad to work, and I wanted to find an opportunity to meet a friend on the Internet by chance and told me that I could go abroad and apply for a tourist visa. Since my city is a provincial capital city, it is impossible to apply for a tourist visa. It depends on fixed assets, and it is very difficult to apply for a visa, so I went to a small town in Sichuan. The county seat completed the visa here, took the tourist visa after processing, bought a ticket and went abroad.

  My destination is the Philippines. If it is aimless, it is indeed aimless. I don’t know what I can do when I go abroad, but I have a purpose and a certain purpose because I often play various types of gambling games. So I understand this line of business. This line has a very strong ability to attract money, and I hope to find a job in this type of company.

  After getting off the plane in the Philippines, I felt a little dazed. It is full of tropical plants, which is very different from the motherland. There are many buildings, but most of them are low-rise buildings. Don’t know where to go. With only a few thousand dollars left in my pocket, I couldn’t make a living for a few days. I rented a house not far from the airport. Fortunately, a friend I knew before contacted me again and told me that I had nowhere to go. You can go to work at CG Group.

  Recklessly, I went to this group. This group has a very tall building, and the receptionists are also very enthusiastic. I went directly to their personnel manager, and then they were hired.

  When I first arrived at CG Group, I felt that everything was very fresh. After I entered the company, I learned that the management system here is complete, there is a canteen, and all employees live on the 6th to 9th floors of the office building. There are quite a lot of people working here, all of them are suites and ties, each one has a computer, and the company also gives each one a mobile phone, Samsung note20.

  The working environment is very relaxed. I was assigned to the business department. The management is not very strict. The supervisor told us to follow our own temperament. One point, there are more than 70 people in our department, and there are only a dozen people who work hard. The rest are happily playing poker all day and earn 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a month. I want to change my destiny and work hard first In one month, my income reached more than 40,000 yuan, and in the second month, it reached more than 90,000 yuan. In one year, I accumulated 1.5 million yuan, which is much more than the betrothal gift at that time.

  I have been working here for 5 years now. My colleagues have a good relationship, they help each other, and my boss has clear rewards and punishments. There are opportunities, depending on whether you have the courage to seize these opportunities. For some people who are shaving food in the soil or working in factories, instead of earning a few dollars in a lifetime at home, it is better to go abroad to fight.

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