After saving 4 million years, I am ready to return to China

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  I came out to work at the age of 18. In a company in Guangzhou, I was still working as a small labourer. At that time, I could earn more than 70 yuan a day. I was exhausted. Because I had no skills and no money at home, I was the age of a virgin girlfriend. I felt like I was looking for someone who was more general and not too picky. I hardly considered the other person’s appearance; at least, I wouldn’t ask myself too many questions, and in the end, this woman was dumped.

  I always want to get ahead, but I have no chance, so I like gambling, which makes people betray their relatives. I wonder what to do now? I can’t pay my gambling debts, I can’t pay my relatives and friends, so I have to go abroad.

 When going through the procedures for going abroad, there is not much choice, and you can’t go to the United States or the United Kingdom. You can only go to the Philippines after wandering around in Asia.

  The buildings in the Philippines are very general, and most places are like the countryside of our country. Most of the houses are low and low, but here is a slow life. You can’t see people as busy as in the country. Every day there are many people playing on the street, and children don’t go to any cram schools. In short, there are many people on the street here. The greenery is very good, and there are many tropical plants.

  Only after arriving in the Philippines did I think about where to start my work. I didn’t have any skills, so I asked from building to building, I didn’t know English, and I didn’t understand Filipino, so I just made gestures with each others.

 Later, I went to a very stylish building, the CG Group. The person on duty here is still Chinese. This made me happy, and I communicated directly in Chinese. He heard my experience, told me, and contacted me. After that, Just call their senior manager.

  Then I was told that I could get a job, and I went to the Human Resources Office to fill in the formalities, but there was nothing to fill out. When I arrived in the Philippines, I was a three-no-manager. Simply write the name, and you are done because there is no local mobile phone card in the Philippines.

  The treatment received after joining the job is still very good; everyone is very friendly, the company has clear rewards and punishments, and the corporate culture is also very positive. I have received a lot of help here. After all, a newcomer knows nothing. Just take notes carefully.

  After studying for about a week, I started working. During this time, I lived in the company, and the accommodation environment was also very good. As an ordinary worker, I can only live in a house for 4 people. It is a small building behind our CG Group office building. , If I can become a deputy supervisor or supervisor, I can live in a room by myself. After working here for a year and a half, I became a deputy supervisor and gave myself a room.

  I have been working there for more than three years in a blink of an eye. The island here is very good, the leisure time is good, and there are many handsome guys and beauties on the beach. I have earned a lot of money in recent years, and I am saving it here. Flower.

Others don’t work too hard. I only work for a few hours a day. I work more than 10 hours, so I have saved more than 4 million in the past few years, which is incomparable with managers at the level of managers. Their wages are all several thousand. It’s a year and a half later, but I’m also quite content. What can I do in China to earn the old money? I’m going to return to China after the year. After all, I’ve been away from the country for too long, and I still have many friends in my hometown, and I miss them too.

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