Women want independence and self-improvement; the premise is that they must be able to make money

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There are always people who say that when a woman passes her thirties, it begins to decline like an autumn flower. Coincidentally, I just celebrated my thirty-fifth birthday yesterday, but my current life tells me that women who are still single at the age of thirty-five can still be very smart and beautiful!

When I was just over 30 years old, like many older leftover women, my ears were always filled with so-called “for your own good” voices: If women don’t get married at this age, who will take care of you when they are old? Women should get married and have children. It is a man’s business to work and make money! If a woman is not married at the age of 30, you just wait for no one to ask for it!

At first, I could laugh at it as a joke, but the taste changed over time. Sometimes I really want to yell at them, but in the end, I take a deep breath and suck all the anger into my stomach. Because I know that anger doesn’t help, it has also erupted before, and I finally found that time will still return life to its original state, and there are still all kinds of harsh sounds surrounding my ears every day.

Slowly I began to wake up; instead of changing others, it is better to change myself; maybe I should escape this place full of worldly eyes! After thinking about it, I only went abroad. It’s not that I adore foreigners; it’s just that foreigners’ views on male marriage and female marriage are really not as extreme as our parents’ generation. At first, I wanted to go to South Korea because I liked watching Korean dramas before, but I thought that place might not be suitable for me. Later, I chose the Philippines, where I went to travel after graduating from university. First, the scenery is good, and I have never been to many places. Second, I came there. There are many Chinese, so it will be easier to adapt to work and life.

Once I figured out where to go, I started looking online for jobs there. That’s right! I’m going to work there because if I go on a short trip, I can’t get out of the current environment at all. Only when I stay abroad for a few years and go home occasionally will my parents feel that it is better to have their daughter by their side. Talk about my marriage again.

It is not easy to find a job in the Philippines in China. I compared many companies before and after, and it took me nearly a month to submit my resume to CG Group, which has a good reputation and reputation in the Philippines. Fortunately, By God’s grace, everything went well, and I was hired after passing the online interview.

Pack your bags, go, go!

I used to go on a tour with a group, but now I say goodbye to my parents, who keep talking and go alone to a city that I have been to, but I am still unfamiliar with. Fortunately, the company’s administrative department arranged for someone to pick me up. Otherwise, I would be really worried about not finding a place to rely on my stammering English.

At the beginning of the period, my idea was very simple, to change the environment and have a job that could support my living expenses in the Philippines. Unexpectedly, this job allowed me to slowly become independent and become more powerful than I imagined. I don’t think it’s bad for women to be independent, but it also makes me realize a very practical point, that is, women want to be independent. , Self-improvement, the premise is that you must make money. Since ancient times, the reason why women have low status is that they do not have enough economic capacity. When I came to the Philippines, I was deeply aware of this.

When I first arrived in the Philippines, people called me to and fro, and I didn’t dare to go to high-end restaurants or high-spending entertainment venues when I went out to play on weekends. Now that I drive a better car, people look at me differently wherever I go. You don’t need to worry about what you want to buy, just buy what you like. Maybe you will ask me, is the salary of CG Group so high? In order to avoid advertising, I won’t introduce our company here, just put a few pictures to feel it for yourself.

staff cafeteria

Staff meal

staff dorm

Staff pool

A company has such restaurants, dormitories, and entertainment. Do you think employees will not make money yet? In fact, the money I have earned in the Philippines in the past five years is enough for me to return to my hometown and spend the rest of my life slowly. Although I often miss my hometown, I can’t bear to part with the Philippines. Although this country has its shortcomings, living here is so free. Now that I think about it, age is not a problem; the problem is that when we get older, we are still spinning in the same place and have not changed. Coming to the Philippines is the correct decision I have made in my life.

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