How a pauper became a real estate speculator

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I never thought that the current real estate market would be so sluggish. I have 5 houses in Beijing, and there is no way to sell them. If I knew earlier, I would not speculate, or I would quit halfway. In fact, there were these kinds of signs, but I wanted to earn more and didn’t quit. I made more than 2 million through real estate speculation, but now all this money is locked in the house and cannot be cashed out at all.

Many people think that I must be a senior white-collar worker who graduated from a famous university or that I have a mine in my family. Otherwise, how can I have the money to buy 5 houses?

In fact, this is not the case. I am a real pauper with no money. When I left home to work in Beijing, I only had 300 yuan in my pocket, so I could only eat steamed buns and pickles. I couldn’t even afford pickles, and two steamed buns a day were cold water, which was disliked by others. From then on, I was determined to change my fate and buy a house in Beijing instead of living in the cold underground tunnels.

By chance, I learned that the CG company in the Philippines was recruiting, and the salary offered was very high. At first, I was not confident in myself and worried that I would not be able to adapt to the job, but I had nothing left. What is the worst outcome? So without hesitation, I took all my savings and bought a plane ticket to the Philippines.

Working in a CG company, the environment is very good, and it can satisfy me in terms of catering. The more critical point is to manage food and live. After two years of struggle, I earned more than 7 million yuan. After returning to China, I immediately bought real estate in Beijing. At that time, the price of real estate was constantly soaring. The house price started to increase within two months after I got it. I bought 5 suits, paid the down payment respectively, and then returned to the Philippines to continue working.

During the hard work of CG Company, I bought these 5 suites in full within two years, and then I felt that I could retire through these houses, so I resigned from the company and returned to Beijing.

But what I didn’t expect was that the impact of the epidemic and the plummeting real estate prices caused the 5 suites in my hands to be almost in a state of no market. There are no people at all.

Now the savings in my hand are almost exhausted. It seems that the idea of ​​relying on real estate for the elderly is good, but in the current real estate market, it is difficult to achieve. It will be good to return the real estate in the future. I plan to return to CG company, and also, The company’s personnel supervisor called and explained to him that he wanted to go back to work. The supervisor said that the business is very busy now, and I would have no problem going back.

In a few days, I will leave and go back to the Philippines. In the past few years, I thought that I would be able to lie flat and live happily in the house. Now it seems that it is very difficult to achieve this. This time I decided to work more in the CG company. In a few years, I will go back to China after I have saved 10 million. I think that I have a deposit of 10 million, plus my existing house, which is enough for the rest of my life. People must work hard and change their minds. Most people live in ordinary families. If they want to change their lives, they can’t rely on their parents or friends, so they can only fight for themselves. If they don’t even fight for themselves, they can only eat dirt.

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