Investment and financial management are far better than down-to-earth

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As a white-collar worker, my monthly income in the city is more than 15,000 yuan. This income can meet my daily expenses. Although it is not well-off, it is still richer than the average person’s life. My wife’s salary is With more than 7,000 yuan, so there is no problem with her salary meeting the daily expenses. In this way, we can save a sum of money every month, but I still feel that we make less money, so I start investing and managing money.

In the beginning, I bought Jiang Xiaoli’s Celestial Wynn Bond B. I made a lot of money in the first year, which can completely beat the bank’s interest rate. I think this is a good method, and it is more stable. Not only did I put all my savings into it In the bond, even in bank loans, borrowing private usury, hoping to get higher returns, I not only bought Tianhong Wynn bonds but also bought some other stock products.

I originally thought that such a combination of risks was very reasonable, but I never thought that Tianhong Wynn Bond B suddenly began to plummet without any income, and all the stocks I bought had problems, which means that All my money in investment and financial management is all tied up.

My salary is not even enough to repay the interest, and there are problems such as housing and car loans. I thought that these loans would not affect my life at all, but after I invested in financial management, every repayment became unbearable. Burden.

Looking at my wife’s resentful eyes, I felt that I had to change. A friend introduced me to a job at CG Group in the Philippines. I gritted my teeth and resigned. With my current salary, I couldn’t pay it back. To clear the loan, it is better to go abroad to fight.

After seeing the CG company, I was very surprised. I originally came here with the determination to endure hardship. I didn’t expect that the CG company not only has very luxurious decoration and very spacious office space but also manage food and housing. The food here is better than ours. The company is more than ten times better, and more importantly, it is completely free. Where there is suffering here, it is like heaven.

Since I am not familiar with the business, the salary in the first month only reached 23,000, which is not very different from the domestic salary. I talked about these things in a video chat with my wife, and my wife felt that in order to earn 23,000, it would not be much to go abroad to work. If it is necessary, it is better to develop domestically. I say try it for a few more months and see how the situation goes before making a decision.

In the second month, I was very familiar with the business, so there were no problems, and the monthly salary reached more than 45,000. I shared this news with my wife, who was also very excited. The salary can reach hundreds of thousands. At the end of this year, I will repay the loan in full.

Although I have paid off the loan, I still decided to develop in the Philippines. I am very lucky to be able to join the CG company. The income I can get from this company is much higher than that in China. If you want to make money, you should go. To earn money in a down-to-earth way, CG gave me the opportunity to become middle-class, so I will cherish it. Before, I always thought about investing in financial management to make a fortune. Now I want to say that the best way to invest in financial management is to stay away from it. The market of investment and wealth management is a trick used by the rich to make money. The poor can only keep losing money and eventually become nothing.

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