You can’t make money just because you choose the wrong direction

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When I traveled to Dongdaihe, I hired a tour guide. After all, I am not familiar with this place. Hiring a tour guide can save a lot of time and allow me to play to all the places I want to play. During the trip, I and this tour guide became everything. Tan’s friend told me that I am his first customer this month, and the tourism industry is really difficult to do.

Then he talked about his family, his parents are from the countryside, and the family needs money. Now he mortgaged the house and sent money to the family every month. His wife is not working, the children are in school, and various types of supplementary classes cost every year. There are more than 20,000 yuan, and the loan for the car has not been repaid. He told me that it is like drowning now, and he is swimming desperately, but he is still sinking, and he is very desperate for the future.

After learning about this, I introduced him to work in the CG Group in the Philippines, where he earned a lot of money. If he worked hard, it would not be a problem to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. One million a year is an astronomical figure in the eyes of many people, but such a salary in foreign countries is not much.

Two months later, I suddenly received a call from him. He told me that the house was repossessed by the bank and was being auctioned. He was already homeless and hoped to work for the CG Group in the Philippines. He had no way out.

When I received his call, I immediately arranged for him. The reason is very simple. I also worked in CG Group. The reason why I returned to China was that I had made enough money. I bought a villa in China, in the city center; I bought two cars, one RV can be used for me to go out and play, and the other is an Audi A6. It is not expensive, nor is it a luxury brand, but it is more comfortable to drive. I contacted a friend from CG Group, and the friend said that there was no problem in accepting a person. After that, I told the tour guide friend the news.

A week later, the tour guide’s friend bought a plane ticket to the Philippines and went to CG company.

In the following year, this friend called me several times on and off and told me that he was really good at CG company. Now his monthly income can reach hundreds of thousands, and his annual income is far more than 100 million yuan. Wan told me that the reason why he didn’t believe me at first when he heard my words was that, in his opinion, it was almost impossible to make 1 million a year, and he thought I was joking.

When this friend came back to China, he came to my house and bought a lot of gifts. He said he wanted to thank me. This time he brought a total of 1.35 million with him. He was going to buy a new house so that his wife and children would no longer be renting. I want to buy a BMW. This car is his wife’s favorite. He said that he would only stay in China for a month and a half, and then he would go back to the Philippines to continue. Work.

Although how much money a person can earn is related to his ability, the more important thing is whether he chooses the right direction. Only when he chooses the right direction can he make money. It can be seen that many people in China have fallen into a misunderstanding, thinking that only in the Only after I improve my ability can I find a job that makes money, so I work hard to improve my personal ability, but I still develop in the same industry. Even if there is a change in this state, the change is very small. I want to change my own. The trajectory of life is even more difficult.

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